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Florida State Rural Development Council
FSRDC Executive Director Position Description

Interested applicants should submit resume and cover letter to:
FSRDC Executive Director Search Committee, 155 Research Road, Quincy, Florida 32351 -or FAX 850/875-7197- deadline for receipt of applicant packet is July 30, 2003.


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Position Description

TITLE: Executive Director

ORGANIZATION: Florida State Rural Development Council (FSRDC)

POSITION TYPE: Independent Contract Employee - Grant time-limited period 8/15/03-12/31/03

DESCRIPTION OF POSITION: This is executive level work planning and directing operations of the Florida State Rural Development Council. Duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to formulating policies, managing daily operations and seeking, planning and coordinating use of resources for sustainability.

Requires the ability to build and maintain and effective working relationship among Federal, State, local, and tribal governments and the private and nonprofit sectors in the planning and implementation of programs and policies that have an impact on rural areas of the state;

Requires the ability to monitor, report, and comment on policies and programs that address, or fail to address, the needs of the rural areas of the State;

Requires working with key national level players and other SRDCs, facilitate the development of strategies to reduce or eliminate conflicting or duplicative administrative or regulatory requirements of Federal, State, local, and tribal governments


  • Establish meaningful and effective working relationships with State, local, tribal and Federal government agencies and the private sector to lay the groundwork for collaborative approaches to rural issues.
  • Assist the SRDC to: identify issues arising from law, regulation, or practice that inhibit effective utilization of public resources, facilitate state or regional efforts at resolutions, and communicate those issues that involve the Council in seeking solutions. When local solutions are not available, seek assistance from the National Rural Development Council.
  • Work with the SRDC, as full partners, to develop and implement with all members. A council strategic plan.


  • Research, explore and identify cooperator agency opportunities which would best be served by the mission of the Florida State Rural Development Council.
  • To facilitate the re-establishment of relationships between FSRDC and state, federal, non-profit and private sector partners.
  • To organize and convene state and federal agency, non-profit organization and private sector partner representatives in a "Rural Issues Summit" meeting where issues and policies affecting rural areas will be discussed and addressed.
  • Based upon the Rural Issues Summit discussion and issue prioritization, the FSRDC Executive Director, staff members and Executive Committee Members will research, identify and develop a minimum of two viable FSRDC project activities and pursue reasonable funding to support project costs. (a minimum of $35K in funding)
  • One pilot community-based outreach resource workshop will be organized and conducted in one rural community / region.
  • In partnership with the National Rural Development Council (NRDC) and other State Rural Development Council (SRDCs), actively participate in the development of a cohesive strategy to address the challenges faced by rural America (rural Florida).The rural strategy initiative should not aim to create any new programs, but to inject the rural voice into existing programs.
  • Review existing federal and state policy and program monitoring vehicles in order to incorporate their rural issues into FSRDC mission and services. Report to FSRDC general membership, partners and interested parties


MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Graduate of an accredited four (4) year college or university and have a minimum of five (5) years of progressively responsible administrative, management, marketing or business related experience. A comparable amount of training and experience may be substituted. Experience in rural development issues, resource development a plus. Ability to work as an independent contract employee.

JOB LOCATION: negotiable must be in-Florida

DEADLINE: apply by 7/30/03



Analyzes internal processes and plans or implements council and or program-wide procedural and policy changes to improve operations.

Directs, conducts, prepares and reviews reports, studies, publications and research relating to operational activities and strategic program objectives.

Develops performance standards and evaluates work in accordance with established standards.

Directs a major program area of the Council.

Administers, interprets, and explains policies, rules, regulations and laws.

Develops, plans, organizes and administers policies and procedures to ensure strategic, administrative and operational objectives are met.

Directs and coordinates activities of staff to ensure continuing operations, maximize returns on investments, and increase productivity.

Approves budget and directs and monitors expenditures of Council grants / funds.

Consults with staff and others in government, business and private organizations to discuss issues, coordinate activities and resolve problems.

Negotiates contracts and agreements with federal, state and private agencies and other organizations and directs preparation of or prepares budget for funding and implementation of programs.

Evaluates findings of surveys and studies to formulate policies and techniques and to determine improvements for programs.

Solves problems by implementing corrective action.

Reviews and analyzes legislation, laws and public policy and recommends or determines changes to promote and support interests of rural population, as well as special groups.

Reviews, approves and presents reports concerning activities, expenses, budget, government statues and rulings, and other items affecting business or program services.

Directs, plans, promotes, organizes and coordinates public community service programs and maintains cooperative working relationships among public and agency participants.

Delivers speeches, writes articles and presents information at meetings or conventions to promote services, exchange ideas, and accomplish objectives.

Testifies before control or review boards, work groups or before the legislature.


Judgment and Decision Making

Weighing the relative costs and benefits of a potential action

Critical Thinking

Using Logic and analysis to identify the strengths and weaknesses of

different approaches.


Talking to others to effectively convey information


Communicating effectively with others in writing as indicated by the needs

of the audience.


Adjusting actions in relation to others actions.

Active Listening

Listening to what other people are saying and asking questions as appropriate.

Information Gathering

Knowing how to find information and identifying essential information

Problem Identification

Identifying the nature of problems

Reading Comprehension

Understanding written sentences and paragraphs in work related documents.

Idea Evaluation

Evaluating the likely success of an idea in relation to the demands of the situation.

Social Perceptiveness

Being aware of others reactions and understanding why they react the way they do.

Administration and Management

Knowledge of principles and processes involved in business and organizational planning, coordination and execution. This may include strategic planning , resource development and allocation, manpower modeling, leadership techniques and implementation methods.

Law and Government

Knowledge of laws, precedents, government regulations, executive orders, agency rules and the democratic process.

English Language

Knowledge of the structure and content of the English language including the meaning and spelling of words, rules of composition, and grammar.

Economics and Accounting

Knowledge of economic and accounting principles and practices, the financial markets, banking, and the analysis and reporting of financial data